Saturday, September 8, 2012

Why All BNI Members Should Attend Leadership Team Training

I'm a member of a local BNI Chapter here in Ithaca (The BNI Thumbs Up Chapter). BNI is unique because it offers structure, commitment, and training as part of their weekly program.

One level of training is called "Leadership Training" and while there is a focus on helping a few members learn how to run the chapter, it is setup for all members. Here are a few reasons why all BNI Members should attend leadership team training (every 6 months).

  • BNI training preserves the system and the culture, it keeps chapters from making the same errors over and over again.
  • Training is how we pass along this wisdom to leaders and members so they can avoid having to learn the hard way.
  • BNI Leadership Training is about how to lead a chapter effectively.  And the concepts can be used at BNI and transferred to other areas of our lives.  BNI training contains ideas and tips that can help lead any group effectively.
  • You cannot expect great results from anyone without providing guidance and training on what the expectations of the organization are. 
  • BNI adds ideas and material all the time. The manuals are updated and revised with almost every Leadership Team training. The system is constantly being improved.
  • Education is one of the core competencies of this organization. It is one of the things that sets BNI aside from other networking organizations and it is absolutely an important element in the success and wild growth the company has seen world-wide. 
  • BNI works when people know the system and understand how to implement it. Don’t accept anything less! BNI without a trained Leadership Team is “BNI-Light.” So, if you ever hear someone in your group who wants to be on the Leadership Team but doesn’t want to go through the training – give them this article and tell them you want a “trained” pilot to fly your plane! 

Ivan Misner's List of Benefits:
1. Gain valuable contacts with other members of Leadership Teams whom you can call for info or to bounce ideas off of-
2. Learn the responsibilities of your Leadership Team role
3. Learn common errors and how to prevent them
4. Get your specific questions answered
5. Receive the Leadership Team manual and learn about it in depth
6. Learn the “hidden elements” of the meeting – WHY we do what we do
7. Bond with the other members of your Leadership Team outside the meeting
8. Learn what other local chapters are doing
9. Get good ideas about how to “energize” your meetings (i.e. meeting stimulants)
10. Get to know your Director(s)
11. Network with other BNI members
12. Hit the ground running when you take over a leadership role in the chapter
13. Learn how to handle chapter problems or complaints (skills which help in your own business also!)
14. Gain access to BNINet (BNI’s database system)
15. Gain access to the Leadership Only section.
16. Get a nifty Leadership Team ribbon for your name badge!
17. Help your chapter grow and prosper
18. Get updates on the organization and changes to the manual
19. Share your knowledge and experience (especially LT members who’ve attended before)
20. Have fun!
21. Cross-train people on the different positions
22. Make sure your plane has a pilot!

Here are some articles on BNI Leadership Team trainings: