Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chamber Key Person Award

On Thursday evening, January 26th the Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce honored me by naming me the Key Person of the year. This is a thank you award presented by the Chairperson of the Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Chamber President.

Here's what the plaque shows:

Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce
Key Person of the Year
Presented to
David Makar
The Referral Institute of Ithaca

This award is presented to David Makar in recognition of your leadership of the Ambassadors Council, and exemplary networking skills, which have brought many new members to the Chamber, and have helped many Chamber members achieve success in their enterprises.

Presented by the Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce
January 26, 2012

It is truly and honor to be recognized in my community and they allowed me to say a few words on Thursday evening at the chamber's annual dinner and meeting (in front of about 300 people). 

I asked participants and graduates of the Certified Networker Program to join me on stage to accept the award with me. Their support and success allowed me to give my time and energy to helping the Chamber. I was honored to have them on stage with me. Thank you to Ross Feldman (Wholistic Wealth), Greg Kops (Think Topography), Scott Hamilton (The SEEN / Green Resource Hub / Sustainable Tompkins), Ewan Barr (Mathnasium of Ithaca), Kathy Nelson (K. Nelson Research), and Dale Johnson (Hospicare) for joining me on stage.

My desire to help the chamber in 2011 was truly rooted in knowing that Rob LaHood (Membership and Events Director), Jean McPheeters (President of the Chamber), and Cathy Haupert (the 2011 Chair of the Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce) make it so easy to want to give back to the chamber. Their efforts and belief in the community - both for profits and non-profits - helped me want to volunteer and give back.

I also want to thank David Hall and Mary Beth Bunge who were very supportive in their board roles with the small business council and the membership committee. Their leadership made a big difference in getting me out of my office cave this year to help a lot more people.

The membership drive team that was Dan Governanti (Kendal at Ithaca) and Ron Provus (Ithaca Rotary and the Country Club of Ithaca) and myself also made a major contribution to introducing the chamber to a whole new group of business owners and organizations. Working with Dan and Ron opened my eyes to a whole different way to speak about the values and benefits of the chamber.

My desire to serve was strongly rooted in my parents life long service to their community. My dad joined the Lions Club of Berlin Massachusetts in October of 1976 - the same month I was born. His continued giving and service helped me to want to do my best to do the same.

We have a philosophy in the Referral Institute. The philosophy is Givers Gain. It is part of the mindset of successful referral marketing. It is this philosophy that helped me want and be so dedicated to the chamber.

I know the 2012 Key Person of the Year is out there living and working and participating in the chamber. I look forward to seeing you be successful in your networking and giving activities. See you at the next business after hours, networking at noon, chamber committee, or chamber workshop!

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